Monday, 30 June 2008

Dichroic Glass Clip on Earrings

My newest range of dichroic glass clip on earrings with removable comfort sleeves. Please browse my online shop for more clip on earrings, and other dichroic glass & silver jewellery. Delivery is just £2.00 on all orders.

When you fall in love with a piece of jewellery...

I was at Bakewell Craft Fair in Derbyshire this weekend selling my dichroic glass & silver jewellery. I had been busy all last week making up lots of new jewellery pieces to take with me. I had made lots of little glass stud earrings along with some more silver & glass adjustable rings. I was just so delighted when a this lovely lady saw the ring pictured below and instantly fell in love with it. She was from America and just about to head back home. I'm so pleased they decided to stop at Bakewell first : - ) The lady could not take the ring off and a few minutes later the ring was sold. I was really pleased the lady bought the ring as you could tell she really loved it. She even decided to keep it on...

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I ordered some more sterling silver adjustable ring blanks which arrived this week. This is my latest adjustable ring. I handmade the front piece using precious metal clay and dichroic glass. The glass piece has 2 layers of dichroic glass in it which gives it an amazing sparkly effect and the colours are so vibrant. This is then attached onto the sterling silver ring using a 2 part high strength epoxy glue.

I have also been busy this week making up lots of diddy dichroic glass stud earrings. These have been really popular at the craft fairs. They are about 7mm by 7mm and all have sterling silver studs. I have listed a few pairs in my online shop and will be listing some more soon.


Friday, 20 June 2008

White Chequered Dichroic Glass Bangle

I just wanted to show off my latest white glass bangle which I handmade with a chequered dichroic glass pattern in it. I don't think the photograph above quite does this bangle justice as it's just beautiful when the light catches it. I have made two white bangles so far, but will definately be making more of these : - )

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Fine Silver Wrap-over Ring

So I decided to have a go at making a wrap over ring, and here's how it turned out. I thought I would add the hearts around the ring band as it looked a little bare on it's own. I am thinking about making my next wrap over ring with gemstones set in it. I added a patina to this ring to darken the silver and then gently wire brushed it. I finished off by polishing the little hearts to give them a nice shine.
I'm currently making some more adjustable silver rings which should be finished tomorrow. Will post a picture as soon as they're done : - )

Monday, 16 June 2008

My dichroic glass & silver jewellery takes centre stage...

I was a little nervous this weekend when I was put on the front centre table at the Bakewell craft fair with my dichroic glass & silver jewellery and glassware pieces. The organiser of the craft fair rotates the front table so that everyone can have a go if they want to. It took me a little longer to set up in the morning as I had to re-think my table layout and I like to group things together so that all the earrings are in one place etc. I was really pleased with the final layout and was even more chuffed when another crafter commended me on my table display. The first picture below was taken just as you walked through the front doors of the craft fair...

I decided to put my glassware pieces around one side of the table and my earrings and pendants on the other side. The pendants are displayed in a carry case box that my boyfriend made for me. I was so pleased how well the case turned out, and it works very well for displaying my glass pendants...

I have recently updated my website with craft fair dates that I am currently doing. I will be adding to this list as I get more dates booked. Please click here to see my craft fair dates.

So this week I will be making up new stock. I especially need to make some more dichroic glass stud earrings which are very popular. The stud earrings are just £4.99 each and all come on sterling silver ear studs. I made a pair for myself which I always wear and they certainly attract alot of attention as they sparkle away. I will be listing some of my stud earrrings on my website shortly.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Website re-vamped...

I've spent the last couple of days updating my website which is nearly finished. I have just a couple more pages to complete, but the majority is now uploaded. I have a selection of dichroic glass and silver necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings etc all available to buy online from
I can also make custom jewellery pieces. I have a few sets of cufflinks which I will be listing in my online shop today. These are my first lot of cufflinks which are sterling silver and dichroic glass. The computer has been a little slow uploading everything this morning, so I am just off for a quick coffee break. The necklace pictured above is another one I finished making earlier this week.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Fine Silver & Dichroic Glass Pendants

Last week I made these fine silver & dichroic glass pendants. I had already made the glass pieces a couple of weeks ago using fusing glass and dichroic glass. The glass pieces have been fired several times to achieve the final result. The pendant on the top lefthand side was made using a cork clay burnout. The shape is made with cork clay and then left to dry overnight. I then used silver clay in a syringe and piped all around the outside of the cork clay. I've included 4 pink gemstones in this pendant which add an extra little sparkle.
I have just listed these necklaces in my Etsy shop today.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Matching his & hers dichroic glass sets...

This is my first matching his & hers sets that I have just completed. The cufflinks are sterling silver with dichroic glass and come in a lovely grey & satin presentation box. The pendant is made from 99.9% fine silver and dichroic glass and comes on 18" sterling silver snake necklace. The necklace also comes with a matching pair of earrings on sterling silver ear studs. The necklace & earrings come in a pretty purple & silver magnetic gift box. The bails & jump rings on the earrings are also sterling silver. The pendant also features a pretty crystal clear sparkly gemstone. This set was made handmade as a wedding gift for a very special couple.
I have made up a few matching sets which I am currently finishing off. Will post a picture of them very soon!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Just gotta have it ...

I was so pleased when one of my friends saw this ring and just had to have it. I just love the vibrant pink glass stone in this ring. It was quite difficult to get a picture that showed just how bright and vibrant the colour is. The ring is 99.9% fine silver and also features a pretty pink gemstone. I think this ring looks absolutely stunning on my friends finger and I was delighted when she bought it. I'm so pleased I got a picture of it now so that I can add it to my gallery.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

My bling bling galaxy rings ...

I have recently finished making my third fine silver galaxy ring. The latest addition is the ring in the middle with the purple gemstones. This ring is the most chunkiest of the three. My personal favorite is the galaxy ring on the left. I was trying to think of a name for these rings for ages. I thought that the spiral shape around the ring reminded me of a galaxy and hey presto! I'm not very good at naming my jewellery, but I do enjoy trying to think up some cool names!
I'm not sure if I will do anymore in this style just yet. I am currently working on some more rings with dichroic glass so hope to have a few more ready soon.