Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Fine Silver Jewellery made using Silver Art Clay

It was such a gorgeous day yesterday that I decided to take my work outside and finished polishing some of my latest handmade jewellery pieces. I have made these earrings & pendants using silver art clay which have been fired in my kiln leaving just .999 fine silver:

I have a couple more pieces waiting to be polished, so hopefully I will have some more pics soon. Just got these jewellery bits listed in my Ebay shop today, so please come take a look : - )

A couple of froggies in our pond .. enjoying the lovely sunshine...

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Working on some new dichroic glass & silver jewellery pieces...

I've been wanting to make a sterling silver bangle for ages now, but my soldering skills are not the best. I havn't done much soldering, so I think I could do with a little training and lots of practise! I decided to jump right in and several soldering attempts later, I managed to solder a sterling silver bangle and also a matching ring. I wanted to keep the design fairly simple, to see if I could finish the bangle without noticing the join:

I don't think they are perfect ... but after alot of sanding and polishing, I was quite pleased with my first attempt and have decided I will keep the bangle for myself. I've ordered some more sterling silver wire this morning, so am eager to have another go!

I've also been working on some new dichroic glass jewellery gift sets. I have just finished these sets which feature pretty dragonflies:

I have been listing the sets pictured above plus some additional new pieces in my Ebay shop, so please come & take a look.