Friday, 29 February 2008

I've just joined Craft Juice

This morning I discovered Craft Juice. (Web address: I've just joined the group and posted my first few pics. I went there to publish some of my own jewellery & glassware, but have been very distracted by everyone else's beautiful handmade items. There are some totally unique things on there. I've just found someone making 'The Lovers Mitt'. It's a knitted glove that 2 people can wear while holding hands!! How sweet is that!
Pictured above is my latest pink swirly glass plate to come out of my kiln. I've just finished slumping the plate in a bowl mould. I've listed the glass plate for sale on my website and I think I will be sad to see this one go. I wouldn't mind doing a deeper bowl with this glass.
I'm off now to look at opening at Etsy shop. I keep reading about Etsy on the craftforum, so I am going to check it out first.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

I've discovered a cool blog - Crafty Krafts

I've been on the craftsforum alot today and saw that some people were starting to swap blog links. I thought this was an ace idea and got on the case straight away. One of the blogs I contacted was Crafty Krafts - Cardmaking and scrapbooking supplies. You have to check out Donna's blog. The stencil pictures are lovely. My favorite is the little girl with her back to you holding the flowers. My mum would like that one too!
I was just totally chuffed to pieces when Donna emailed me back saying she'd added my link & some pics of my jewellery on her blog. I must say I did smile alot when I went and had a look : - )

Crafty Krafts Blog :
Crafty Krafts online Shop:

Does anyone else want to swap blog links with me? If so, just drop me an email.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Craft Fair

Here's a picture of how my craft stall looked yesterday. Overall I sold very little which was a disappointment, but I am buzzing with lots of fresh new ideas, and I certainly enjoyed myself. This was my first ever craft fair I had done. I received alot of superb comments from many people which was a real boost. I gave out quite a few business cards & leaflets, so I am hoping I may get some sales following the fair. It was also nice to meet other crafters and hear their experiences. I am definately going to do another craft fair and will post some details when I have my next one booked.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Yikes... 5 Days until my first craft fair!!

So I have 5 days left to prepare for my very first craft fair. I must say that I am quite excited about it. I've been planning my table display this morning and making all my labels and price tags. I still need to cover a couple of boxes with purple material to match the table cover. The fair is at The Whitworth Centre in Darley Dale, Matlock. (Sunday 24th Feb. 10am-4pm)
Pictured above is one of my new silver rings. I bought the sterling silver adjustable ring and added my own dichroic glass & real silver piece on top. I made the dichroic glass bit first and then set it into silver art clay. After firing the art clay you are left with 99.9% real silver. I have a few of these rings ready for my craft stall and hope they attract some attention. I'll get some pics of my stall on Sunday and will post them on my blog sometime next week. Ooooh... wish me luck!!!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Chloe's Designs website

I have been working on a new website for Chloe's Designs which I finally finished and uploaded yesterday. The website address is
I have a wide range of handcrafted jewellery available to buy from my website. I have also put a selection of glass bowls on my website and will be listing some glass plates very soon. I am currently making a range of glass bangle type watches which I hope to have in my shop this month. I have made some real silver and dichroic glass pendants that I have put on 16" sterling silver snake necklaces. These pendants have been made with silver clay. After firing the piece you are left with 99.9% real silver.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Silver & Dichroic Glass Necklaces

I've just finished making 4 silver & dichroic glass pendants. My favorite piece is pictured on the left. I have put these pendants on a 16" sterling silver snake necklace, which I think looks very pretty. After firing these pieces I also tumbled them which has made them come out very shiny. The glass is made from a couple of layers of dichroic glass and sparkles many colours.
I also have a few dichroic glass stones that look like little bugs. I am planning on giving them little silver wings and adding a brooch back.