Monday, 30 September 2013

Childrens Handmade Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets

It's been a busy week working on some new jewellery items for my shop. I have just finished making a set of sterling silver charm bracelets just for children. They measure 6.5" long with an additional ring to fasten them up at 5.5" for smaller children, or thinner wrists.

Each bracelet has one of my handmade sterling silver animal charms soldered on, and comes on a sweet little gift card and with a gift box complete with ribbon. A charming little gift for any little girl!

I can make these bracelets to any length required, and can also solder on additional charms. Available to buy now from my ebay shop:

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Handmade Sterling Silver Giraffes

I've just finished making these cute little sterling silver giraffe necklaces. They were a little tricky to make especially soldering the small little spots, but I am really pleased with the finished giraffes.

Measuring around 1cm wide by 2.8cm long, these sweet miniature giraffes have heaps of charm and charisma.


 Please visit my ebay & etsy shop for more animal jewellery!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Handmade Sterling Silver Crocodile Necklace

I've been working on a new sterling silver crocodile necklace for a little while now. Every time I solder a bail onto the crocodile for a chain the pass through, the crocodile ends up flipping over, or hanging at a slant.

I first tried to solder a single bail onto the back of the silver crocodile, but the pendant simply flipped over each time. My second attempt was to attach 2 bails to the back of the crocodile and attach the chain to each bail. This worked well, but I wanted the pendant to be free moving on the chain and not part of the chain.

I think I have finally found a way that looks pretty and hangs the crocodile straight. Here's my latest crocodile necklace design. I have soldered half a jump ring onto the top of the crocodile and attached a small length of chain, so the crocodile now hangs straight : - )

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Handmade Sterling Silver Animal Wrap Rings

I've made a start on some new sterling silver wrap around rings. I find wrap around rings are great, as they can be adjusted to fit a slightly larger or smaller size. I've used my doggy, cat & squirrel designs from my bracelets and necklaces and created these cute rings...


All come gift boxed and ready for a new home!

Please stop by my ebay shop to browse my range of handmade jewellery.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Cute animal jewellery designs

My new summer jewellery designs include these cute animal necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The friendship bracelets are a particular favourite of mine, as they are great gifts for kids & adults. Each sterling silver animal is handmade and there are a variety of animals to choose from including cats, dogs, bunnies, foxes, wolves, crocodiles, chameleons and ducks!

Handmade jewellery available to buy from my ebay shop.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Handmade Dragonfly Necklaces

This week I have been making these sparkly dragonfly necklaces. Each pendant is made with 4 layers of glass and kiln fused at very high temperatures. The base layer of glass is black, followed by 2 layers of sparkly dichroic dragonfly glass. Finally a layer of clear glass is placed on top which will give the pendant a nice glossy finish.
After firing the glass, all 4 layers are fused together. Using my glass grinding machine, I shape the glass pieces and even out all the edges. The glass pieces are placed back in the kiln to be fire polished. This will bring them up nice & shiny after all the grinding.
Once the kiln has completely cooled down, the glass pieces can be removed and a bail can be glued on to make each piece into a beautiful one of a kind (OOAK) necklace.
I currently sell my handmade necklaces in my ebay shop and try to add new pieces as often as possible.