Monday, 28 May 2012

Very Berry Licious Earrings!

I just love working with Swarovski Crystal Elements and trying to find new ways in which to use crystals in my jewellery pieces. Sometimes the simpliest designs are often the most elegant and eye-catching. Swarovski crystals are beautifully cut and come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours.

My latest jewellery pieces in my Etsy Shop are these 'Very Berry Licious Earrings'. I cute pair of dangling earrings made with Swarovski crystals, sterling silver twist chain and sterling silver earring hooks.

I have named these earrings Wild Red Berry, Blueberry, Honeysuckle Orange Berry and Fuchsia Berry Licious Earrings. All earrings are gift boxed, so they are perfect little gifts for friends, family or just for yourself!

Friday, 25 May 2012

Handmade Double Wrap Tila Beaded Bracelets

This week I have been working on these new beaded bracelets made with Miyuki tila beads. The beads themselves are 5mm x 5mm and are flat, so they look like little tiles. The effect they create when beaded together is gorgeous.

These bracelets wrap twice around the wrist and are very light to wear. It takes a little while to make each bracelet as each tila bead has to be woven inbetween a row of cord. They can be made with different coloured beads, different colour cords, and also in single wraps and triple wraps.

For a little added bling and sparkle, the bracelets fasten together with a beautiful Swarovski crystal button. I have become quite addicted to Swarovski crystal elements lately, as they are simply elegant and come in amazing shapes & styles.

If you'd like to see more, please come and check out my latest creations on Etsy!