Thursday, 29 May 2008

My latest dichroic glass bangles

These are my latest dichroic glass bangles that I have just finished making. I particularly like the sparkly white glass bangle on the bottom row. I just love making these bangles and am in the process of making another white bangle with a checkered sparkly pattern in the glass. The bangles are 100% fusing glass and dichroic glass. They are fired several times in the kiln before being shaped in the kiln when it reaches about 1330 degrees fahrenheit.
I will be listing these bangles in my Etsy shop shortly.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Making chunky fine silver rings ...

I was really chuffed last week when I sold 2 of my adjustable silver rings at Bakewell craft fair in Derbyshire. I have heard alot of people saying they would like even bigger chunkier rings. I thought I had made a few that were pretty chunky, but I've just finished making the ring above which is definately my most chunkiest yet. It measures 4.3cm from the back of the ring to the front. I have embedded 7 different coloured gemstones in the ring to give it that extra sparkle. The whole ring is 99.9% fine silver with gemstones. The circular piece on the front is 2cm in diameter. This is probably the funkiest ring I've created so far and I am so thrilled at the way it turned out. If you have any comments good or bad about my latest ring, I would certainly love any feedback : - )

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

My First Jewellery Party Blast

I did my first ever jewellery party last week and had a fabulous time. My friend hosted the party at her house and I bought along all my jewellery & glassware pieces and set up everything on her table. The night was a great success, but there are definately areas where I can make improvements. My organisation wasn't the best and my sales log was very muddled, although I managed to sort it all out in the end. One of my friends suggested using a carbon copy receipt book to record sales in which I thought was a brilliant idea. Especially if people are browsing and looking to buy several items.
I also did a raffle, but again I wasn't very organised with that either. I had spent all week making new pieces to take with me, that I neglected to spend more time making sure I was better organised. I think everyone had a good night though. I got several requests to make custom pieces of jewellery which I've already made a start on. I've also had a couple more enquiries for jewellery parties. I had such a great time last week that I hope I get to do more.
I was at Bakewell, Derbyshire Craft & Collectors fair last weekend and will be there again this weekend. The craft fair is just off the main town in the Scouts building. Signs for the craft fair are put up in town on the day. I've had a table at Bakewell a few times now and really love this venue. There is also a great selection of other craft & collectors gifts on every week.
I hope to have finished my first few clip on earrings this week which I will take to the Bakewell Craft Fair this weekend.
Just a reminder that one of my necklaces are being auctioned online at the moment. All proceeds go to animal welfare & rehoming. Link to online auction: