Thursday, 31 March 2011

Basic Earring Making Technique...

Tools & Materials:

Cutting Pliers, Flat Nosed Pliers and Round Nosed Pliers.

2 x Earring Hooks

2 x Head Pins

Selection of beads / seed beads / Swarovksi crystals.


1. Thread your chosen beads onto the headpin (Fig 1a).

2. Use your cutting pliers to trim away any excess headpin wire. You will need to leave approximately 1cm of wire to make a loop (Fig 1b).

3. Using your flat nosed pliers, bend the spare piece of wire to a right angle (Fig 1c).

4. With your round nosed pliers, hold the tip of the wire & rotate to form a loop (Fig 1d).

5. Attach the ear hook to your earring by opening the loop you have just made, or the loop on the ear hook. Remember to close your loop after attaching the ear hook. (Fig 1e).

Earring head pin & loop illustration. Fig 1a-e.

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Handmade Dichroic Glass Discoveries...

I am always spotting new and interesting creations with dichroic glass, and I usually find Etsy a good place to start browsing. There are alot of unique handmade jewellery and gifts available from all over the world on Etsy.... a good place to look for that unusual present for your family & friends.

Check out these amazing dichroic glass pendants, paperweights and figurines from VortexGlassWorks:

Below: Amazing dichroic glass ring featuring the skull fused glass by zulasurfing. This ring looks stunning in the photo, but I bet it looks uber cool in real!