Thursday, 29 January 2009

Shaping Glass Stringers Demo

I've been busy making a few glass bowls and earlier today I recorded a short demonstration on how to shape glass stringers. I first of all cut my glass to make the base of my bowl, and then shape the glass stringers under a blow torch to add a spiral design.

I have never really been that confident in front of a camera, and could definately do with alot more practise. I am okay when the camera is switched off, but as soon as it's on, I feel silly and usually get the giggles if other people are watching! Anyway, here goes...

Monday, 26 January 2009

I've discovered Twitter...

I followed a friend onto Twitter last night and started my very first twitter. I love going into the forums on, but I'd never been on Twitter before. I instantly found lots of cool Twitter pages through the forum in Etsy and was suprised when I logged in this morning to see I now have 17 followers : - )
Here's a link to my Twitter page: I'm going to try and keep it updated as often as possible. If anyone else is Twittering, please drop me a message. I would love to read them : - )

Thursday, 22 January 2009

New dichroic glass jewellery designs

I've been working on some new dichroic glass cross pendants this month and have just finished some of them. The white sparkly cross pendant pictured below is probably one of my favorites and took me the longest to make.

Here are a few of my other dichroic glass crosses that I have just finished making...

This week I also discovered a cool site that is building together a website for crafts and other items that are handmade in the UK. The website address is I think these kinds of websites are brilliant for people making crafts and also people looking to buy crafts. I have often trawled through endless search engines on the internet trying to find that extra special gift for someone, or just something that's a little different.

I've got my first craft fair at the end of March at Middleton Hall in Central Milton Keynes shopping centre. It's going to be on from Thursday 19th March to Sunday 22nd March (Mothers Day). I have lots of preparation to do before the fair, so I have already made a start and hope it will be a successful event. If you are in the area around Mothers Day, please come over and say hello : - )