Thursday, 4 April 2013

Handmade Dragonfly Necklaces

This week I have been making these sparkly dragonfly necklaces. Each pendant is made with 4 layers of glass and kiln fused at very high temperatures. The base layer of glass is black, followed by 2 layers of sparkly dichroic dragonfly glass. Finally a layer of clear glass is placed on top which will give the pendant a nice glossy finish.
After firing the glass, all 4 layers are fused together. Using my glass grinding machine, I shape the glass pieces and even out all the edges. The glass pieces are placed back in the kiln to be fire polished. This will bring them up nice & shiny after all the grinding.
Once the kiln has completely cooled down, the glass pieces can be removed and a bail can be glued on to make each piece into a beautiful one of a kind (OOAK) necklace.
I currently sell my handmade necklaces in my ebay shop and try to add new pieces as often as possible. 

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